Professional Empowerment System

We've developed a 3F+3A+N professional empowerment system, refining our knowledge base and implementing a layered training system to enhance the four essential skills of insurance advisors. Our goal is to cultivate versatile talents with diverse knowledge and skills, strengthening our service capabilities to provide sustained value for customers.
N-Series Training Program for New Agents

We assist our new agents in their growth journey by focusing on three key areas: roles, skills, and career advancement. Through our "Comprehensive Financial Adviser" training program, agents progress from risk management specialists to retirement advisers, and finally become asset allocation experts. Additionally, our Family Office Consultant training system is designed to support the professional development of family office consultants, helping them acquire four essential skills: risk management, health and retirement planning, asset allocation, and family planning. This is supported by our Supervisor + Activity internship program.

3F Training Programs for Top Agents

Family Office Consultants:

By assembling a team of experts in finance, trust, law, and taxation, we've developed a standardized operating model to empower our sales teams. This enables them to offer comprehensive wealth management and family affairs services, including professional consulting, planning, and trust services, to ultra-high-net-worth households. Our aim is to help them transition from being mere insurance sales agents to trusted insurance trust consultants.

Fanhua Retirement Planners:

We provide tailored Family Asset Structure Planning courses to train our agents, enabling them to offer consulting services and solutions centered on customers’ three major needs: individual retirement planning, family financial planning, and family inheritance planning. Our objective is to develop agents into trusted family asset allocation experts.

Fanhua Policy Custodians:

We provide our agents with tailored Family Policy Management courses, enabling them to offer customers a comprehensive service, including policy management, report interpretation, and solutions. This initiative sets a new standard for family policy custodian services in the industry, training agents to become trusted advisors in family policy management.

3A Manager Training Program

The 3A Manager Training Program, developed by a team of our outstanding in-house training lecturers from across the nation, offers professional empowerment for agents from recruitment to promotion to graduation, encouraging a transition from individual contribution to team contribution and fostering a shift from specialization to professionalism.