Comprehensive Financial Services

Embracing the era of wealth management, FANHUA utilizes its strengths to curate a diverse array of financial products and services from across the entire market. By combining “insurance + wealth, insurance + trust, insurance + health care, insurance + services,” it establishes a scenario-driven, customer-centric sales strategy. This is designed to offer high-frequency, high-engagement, and high-quality services to high-net-worth clients.

Enhanced Quality of Life for Seniors

With its platform advantages, FANHUA integrates premium resources across the elderly care industry. Addressing the complete spectrum of elderly care needs from retirement to end-of-life, it assists customers in realizing their desires for a happier, longer and more dignified life.

Target Customers: Energetic Seniors
Energetic Retirement Plan
A Happier and More Energetic Senior Life

Nationwide coverage for your carefree trips to enjoy the beauty of China

Selected cities for year-round living

Lock-in the rights of whole-year stay-cation

Elderly-friendly facilities,integrated healthcare,nutritious meals and diverse entertainment

Target Customers: Live-alone, Injured, or Ailing Seniors, etc.
Peaceful Retirement Plan
A Longer and Healthier Senior Life

Comprehensive home-based elderly care services

Lock-in the high-quality resources in elderly care communities

Consultation and assistance from professional healthcare institutions

Target Customers: Terminally Ill or End-of-life Seniors
Life Care Plan
More Dignified and Warm Twilight Years

Will making service,for future planning after death

Hospice services,for care,comfort,and quality of life

Funeral planning,for a respectable farewell

Customized grave planning,for extending blessings to the family for generations

Health Care Services

Fanhua connects high-quality medical and healthcare service resources in the market, covering the entire medical service process, various healthcare scenarios, and the full lifecycle of users, to build a comprehensive service list from prevention to treatment, thus enabling us to offer carefully selected products and services including healthcare, medical treatment, medication, nursing, rehabilitation, and more, to provide customers with higher quality health management services.

Overseas Allocation Services

Utilizing the Company's extensive network and resources to integrate global business support tools and think tanks, our platform offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their families.

Asset Allocation

Investment Consultation (fund, stock, etc.)

Overseas Insurance Consultation

Financing Consultation

Due Diligence for Cross-border Investment

Immigration Planning

Immigration Planning

Passport Policy Consultation

Tax Residency Planning

Children Education

Wealth Inheritance

Overseas Family Trust Consultation

Holding Company Structure Design

Singapore Family Office

Family Foundations

Legal & Tax Services

Family Enterprise Tax Planning

Personal Cross-border Asset Tax Planning

Legal & Tax Services for Inheritance

Legal & Tax Services before Immigration

Family Office Services

Addressing the trends of preserving and passing on substantial wealth in the era of great fortunes, FANHUA Family Office offers a diverse, personalized, and comprehensive services in the fields of finance and family affairs. We are dedicated to meeting the multifaceted wealth management needs of high-end clients, serving as a strong foundation to ensure the enduring prosperity of both their wealth and family legacies.

Wealth Planning & Consultation

Wealth Protection Consultation

Wealth Management Consultation

Wealth Inheritance Consultation

Family Healthcare Services

Family Member Healthcare Services

Children Education Services

Corporate Governance Services

Claims Adjusting Services

FANHUA offers a range of services including insurance claims adjusting, non-insurance claims adjusting, risk assessment and inspection. These services are categorized into five main segments: auto insurance, health insurance, property and marine insurance, diversified business, and personal injury business.The company now has established extensive collaborations with local governments, judicial authorities, over a hundred domestic and international insurance companies, and a large number of clients. Its goal is to build an international and professional claim adjusting company, securing a leading position in the industry in terms of business scale and management.

Insurance Claim Adjusting
Non-insurance Claim Adjusting
Risk Assessment
Inspection Service
Leading Technolog,Professional Services

Intelligent loss assessment, risk control, and mobile video/drone survey

Unified SOP and professional certification system for claim adjusters’ training and exams

Extensive Coverage,Nationwide Deployment

Nationwide service network coverage

Unified case acceptance through a 400-customer service hotline and unified dispatching of claim adjusters

Emergency Response for Major Disasters,Coordinated from Start to Finish

Extensive experience in handling large-scale disasters

An “online + offline” collaborative service and coordination mechanism with “standardized front-end processes + specialized back-end operations”