Platform Overview

FANHUA is leveraging its capital strength as a listed company to increase its investment in digital operations. By selecting resourceful entities with core capabilities in the market, it offers online and offline digital operational capabilities to various partners in the platform ecosystem, including product shelves, professional support, technology tools, and financial management. Unleashing FANHUA's open platform resources and capabilities into the market, its accumulated specialized and digitized capabilities are transformed into tangible industry capabilities, driving the industry towards high-quality development.

FANHUA Open Platform goes beyond being a mere tech platform; it is a holistic operating system that brings together diverse contract management models, business and financial control systems, specialized service support and digital tools. It seamlessly integrates online and offline operations. Additionally, the tenant system product framework serves not only as an internal management system but also allows the creation of toA, toB, and toC service systems with a user-friendly, configurable backend.

Lower IT and compliance costs through a unified compliance structure and IT infrastructure

Providing diversified product offerings

Facilitating digital operation capabilities to enable digital transformation

Offering professional training support, assisting advisors in productivity and professionalism improvement

Providing cash flow support and capitalization paths to enhance liquidity